blue state bellyaching...
(too old to reply)
2017-12-31 04:44:17 UTC
With all the b*tching from blue state governors about the new tax bill,
you’d think something really significant had happened to the middle class.
I thought Democrats wanted to tax the rich, but their endless b*tching
about the elimination of the SALT deduction for the rich in their states
truly reveals who they really care about....and it’s the rich. For the
first time, these super rich will have to pay for public schools and you
can tell by the Democrat politicians that they control.......they are
pissed! Sure they send their kids to private schools or have grown kids so
why should they pay for public schools? Welcome to the world of the middle
class, I would say to those blue state wealthy.
Tzatz Ziki
2017-12-31 21:06:07 UTC
Shut the fuck up, treasonous dipshit bigot troll.