meeting with Mueller...
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2017-12-17 01:25:11 UTC
The Trump lawyers are meeting with Mueller, and will demand and end to the
investigation and a personal apology from Mueller to Trump or there will be
consequences. What would be those consequences? The consequences would be
a second special prosecutor that will investigate Mueller’s team and the
FBI for conspiracy to overturn a lawful election. This would involve 3am
entries into their homes to acquire evidence, arrests of current and past
members of Mueller’s team, It would involve acquiring dispositions from
people such as the previous acting FBI director Andrew McCabe, to sitting
Senator John McCain for participating in a conspiracy to commit treason.

Mueller can continue with his nothing burger investigation and please CNN
and MSNBC which will create a second special prosecutor that will pursue
Mueller’s friends and colleagues for 7 grueling years that will result in
lengthy prison sentences for treason, or he can come to his senses and
apologize to the President. Will Mueller roll the dice and gamble the
futures of his colleagues, only time will tell.
Tzatz Ziki
2017-12-20 05:26:26 UTC
Shut the fuck up, treasonous dipshit bigot troll.