lesson for Bannon...
(too old to reply)
2017-12-13 14:32:11 UTC
Unfortunately Bannon did not pick this fight intelligently. Rule #1 never
pick a bible thumper as a candidate. Democrats learned in the Missouri
Senate race when they easily defeated another crazy bible thumper, in a
race they could have easily won. All they have to do is ask some question
that is sex related, and they crumble. Also Democrats know that Christians
are not a reliable voting block and will not follow a bible thumper like
sheep, and usually split their vote. That is why you never hear from the
Christian Coalition, because they can’t even get a dog catcher elected.
The crazy bible thumpers took over the Republican party in California, and
the party only exists now in name only. In California, in the general
election, they often have two Democrats facing off due to the system they
have now. They had to change their electoral system to give people a
choice, as the GOP is no longer there. You can thank the bible thumpers
for that.

Rule #2 never play your populist cards behind someone in their seventies or
older. That was my only reservation with Trump was his age, but he thinks
and acts much younger. But generally, old people are the past, and should
not run. Democrats have this problem in spades also, and are much older
than Republicans in Congress. But running a populist wearing adult
diapers, is phony, and not believable.

Rule #3 never say the word “abortion”, this a political death wish when you
say it. Personally I think abortion should have been left to the states to
decide, not by a star chamber like the supreme court to decide. But that
is impossible to parse out to voters, so the best thing is not to say that
word or take any position on it, unless you want to lose.
Tzatz Ziki
2017-12-13 21:14:04 UTC
Shut the fuck up, treasonous dipshit bigot troll.