tax bill is a reckoning...
(too old to reply)
2017-12-20 13:33:34 UTC
Went to the CNN tax calculator, and their own calculator says the ass
opposite of their propaganda that they are spewing about this tax bill. It
does show the bill is a “reckoning” against the wealthy in deep blue
states. But even in deep blue states if you make less than 75k you still
benefit. It was a reckoning against wealthy Democrats in
California, NY, NJ, CT, DC, MD, and Oregon who will pay more taxes as they

It’s simple to boil this tax bill down, if you live in mansion or a
penthouse in deep blue coastal states, you will for the first time have to
pay local and state taxes, and you will not have the the ability to deduct
those taxes from your federal returns. So silly to see peasant protestors,
protesting for those wealthy sitting in mansions and penthouses, that it
criminal that these wealthy will finally have to pay for the first time for
public education out of their own wallets.
Tzatz Ziki
2017-12-20 16:53:11 UTC
Shut the fuck up, treasonous dipshit bigot troll.