Memos Are Worthless
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2017-05-18 14:34:29 UTC
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Memo ? What memo ? Hey, anybody can write
anything they want on a memo ... "The sky is
green" or "Obama dresses in Michelles panty
hose" or whatever. Memos are NOT a standard
of truth.
Contemporaneous notes written by law enforcement officers are
admissible as evidence in court.
Has the "Comey memo" ever been SEEN ? We
hear a lot about it, but was it fakenews ?
No, it isn't "fake news." Other senior FBI officials who have seen
the memo are the ones who reported it to the press.
Sorry, we need names and we need to see the actual memo.
Sorry, you neither need nor *get* any names. You'll probably see the
We need names because we need to verify the credibility of these
people who reported the existence of the memo (and yet mysteriously did
not provide a photocopy of the memo).
You *don't* need names or titles, and you're not going to get them. This
is nothing but a bogus "voir dire" attempt, and you fail. You also
aren't going to see the memo until it is presented to Congress or to a
11 years ago, while posting under this current nym, Rudy Canoza, we had a
discussion about a revised marketing claim concerning grass-fed beef from
USDA. You claimed that you had written to and received a reply from
William T.
Sessions, Associate Deputy Administrator, Livestock and Seed Program. Here
below is the post you wrote using the nym Rudy Canoza containing your
correspondence with William Sessions.

[start- Jon to me]
Eat shit and bark at the moon, Dreck - the proposed
standard has NOT been adopted. I wrote to William
Sessions, the associate deputy administrator (how's
that for a title) at the Livestock and Seed Program at
USDA that is in charge of writing the standard for the
"meat marketing claims"; his name, title and e-mail
address are at a web page whose URL I gave yesterday,

Here's his reply:

From: "Sessions, William" <***@usda.gov>
To: <jonball@[...]>
Mr. Ball: Thanks for your message. The marketing claim
standards are still under review by USDA. Accordingly, the
standards have not been published in a final form for use. I
hope this information is helpful.
Please let me know if further information is needed.
William T. Sessions
Associate Deputy Administrator
Livestock and Seed Program

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From: jonball@[...]
Sent: Wednesday, September 07, 2005 11:38 AM
To: Sessions, William
Subject: 2003 proposed standards for meat marketing claims

I have read about the proposed standards, and I've seen
many of the public comments sent to USDA. I cannot find
anything to indicate if the standards were adopted.
Were the standards as proposed in 2003 adopted?

Thanks in advance.
Jonathan Ball
Pasadena, CA
Jonathan Ball aka Rudy Canoza 08 Sep 2005 http://bit.ly/2cYknsh

Jonathan Ball. Pasadena, CA. Priceless! That email, posted from Jonathan
you, and the return email sent to Jonathan Ball proves beyond all doubt that
you are Jonathan Ball. Of course, you don't live in Pasadena since moving to
5327 Shepard Ave Sacramento, CA 95819-1731

Here's the proof Jonathan D Ball http://bit.ly/1LFy9t8
and I won't die soon.
Yeah you will. You're an old man who hasn't looked after himself. I wouldn't
go around goading people if I was as small and as puny as you are, liar Jon.
You ought to be very careful.
You certainly have no means to hasten my death.
Are you really serious, weed? you're just over 5 feet tall and 64 years old.
You'll be 65 on December 2nd. You've got to stop threatening people and
goading them to come after you. You're pathetic.
Poor dumb Curt
2017-05-18 15:30:22 UTC
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As such, the investigation of Flynn was a discretionary act under the
authority of the President, which he had full authority to stop.
100% true.